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During the summer holiday the „Miniclub“, a diverse holiday programme for children (age 5-10) will take place again.

There is always something new happening in the Miniclub, for example:

Indian Day
The children will be made and dressed up as Indians. Peace pipe, tomahawk and spears will be build as well as real Indian tents!

Instruments / Music Day
Music will be made with the help of drums, rattles, guitars and sticks. A song will be composed and rehearsed. Just the right atmosphere will come up during stop dancing and the playback show.

Africa Day
Wild costumes will be designed and printed on. The children will make jewellery such as pearl necklaces or African-style earrings.

Olympic Games
Exciting competitions will be carried out in numerous disciplines: crawl race, sack race, ball throwing, long-jump and many more. In the end a real presentation ceremony will take place where certificates will be awarded!

Animal Day
Different animal sounds have to be guessed, the children get the chance to tell stories about animals they know and many worth-knowing and interesting things will be exchanged. A hammerhead shark’s head and fins will be made out of cardboard. Animal games such as hunter and rabbit or catching animals will ensure amusement.

Many other actions will take care that our young guests will definitely not be bored.

The Miniclub will take place in the youth room during bad weather, and on the Eifel Camp’s terrain and in the closer surrounding area during nice weather.


Miniclub (children aged 5-10) from 10:00 till 12:00

(during the holidays monday - friday)