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The winners of the 2006 contest have now been determined. The challenge was to connect numbers with lines in the correct order and then identify the emerging image. By connecting the numbers the Eifel-Dino became visible!

Again several hundred holiday friends took part in the contest. Everyone received a 5 Euro voucher and special service. Out of all contesters Mr. and Mrs. Goller from Korschenbroich were selected by lot for the main prize, a 14-day holiday at the Eifel-Camp. Congratulations and a wonderful stay at the Eifel-Camp!





The winner of the 2005 contest is determined. The prize was a fantastic 14-day holiday for 2 people at the 5-star Eifel-Camp site located at Lake Frelingen in the beautiful Eifel.

Three questions had to be answered correctly:

How far are the Eifel-Camp and the Nürburgring apart from each other?
The Eifel-Camp is located at Lake ……..
Where does the river Ahr have its source?

The correct answers are 20km, Lake Freilingen, Blankenheim.

Every entitled participant has already received a 5,- Euro voucher plus VIP-service after having taken part in the contest. Out of several hundred correct answers the winner was determined by lot: Frank Aßmann from Kirchhunden. He and his family (see picture) were very happy about having won the first prize. To enable all four to go on holiday, the Aßmanns asked to change the ‘14-day holiday for 2 people’ into a ‘7-day holiday for 3 ½ people’ – the Eifel-Camp was more than happy to fulfil their wish.

We all wish the Aßmanns (and of course all other guests) a great stay in the Eifel-Camp at Lake Freilingen!